Thanks for stopping by! Your support means to world to me. I have always loved art and knew even from the 6th grade SEOP's that I was going to be an artist! I attended Utah State University where I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis in Drawing and Painting.

I had a lot of doubters (myself included!) on whether I could make a living in the art world. But with a whole lot of faith, I went forward and landed an art specialist job in a local Elementary. I absolutely loved that job for four years.

Then came babies! I am proud boy mom to two kiddos. With a preschooler who has Autism, and a toddler, my hands are pretty full! I steal away at nap time and after bedtime time to paint. But I wouldn't have life any other way! Your orders allow me to stay at home with my boys and give them each the time and attention they need. I am so grateful for a talent that I can share with you and help in preserving memories with such a unique keepsake!

xo —